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Detroit Industries
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Detroit Industries - ''FJ'' CLOTH ALOX



Main characteristics,


JKR ’’FJ’’ Cloth ALOX BH       


This is highly flexible quality cloth specially conceived for hardwood sanding and metal finishing.

The ‘’FJ’’ cotton cloth is resistant and flexible, ideal for a perfect finishing and specially contour



The exceptional hardness for the ALOX BH makes it very long lasting.


General characteristics                                                              JKR

Base cloth                                                                             ‘’FJ’’ Cotton Cloth

Bonding agent                                                                           Resin / Resin

Abrasive                                                                                      ALOX BH             

Structure                                                                                        Closed                   

Available grits                                                                        P.  400 – P. 80       

Shapes                                                                              Sheets/Rolls/Jumbo Rolls




Hard wood working.


Contour finishing.


Surface sanding.


Sanding on backstand



Manual use.



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