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Main characteristics



FFR ‘’E’’ wght Silicon Carbide Paper     

High performance product, coated with silicon carbide

abrasives on very strong base paper.

Product used as discs, belts or drum sanders.       


KSR  Silicon Carbide Conbination Paper Cloth 

This product gives an exceptional cost operation due

to its resistance and longevity.


For sanding parquet flooring.


Ideal for hard wood, MDF and



General finishing of hard wood.


General characteristics                                   FFR                                         KSR

Base paper                                                            ‘’E’’ wght Paper                   Combination Paper/Cloth

Bonding agent                                                         Resin / Resin                                Resin / Resin 

Abrasive                                                                  Silicon Carbide                            Silicon Carbide

Structure                                                                        Closed                                             Open                  

Available grits                                                           P.320 - P.24                                   P.120 - P.12

Shapes                                                                   Discs/Rolls/Belts                             Rolls/Discs           


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