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Main characteristics, Applications

AHR ''C'' wght Special ALOX Paper

AHR is a very flexible finishing paper for use by hand or

with orbital sander.

Its open structure allows very aggressive sanding with minimum loading.


SCR ''C'' wght Silicon Carbide Paper

SCR has a very flexible base paper, combined with a

special coating. 

A patented lubricating system allows a smooth sanding.


CCS  ‘’A’’ wght Silicon Carbide Paper

CCS is an extremely flexible abrasive paper particularly

suited for hand sanding on curved  surface.

Car body work

Ship building.


Wood working




Layer sanding when used on lacquers & varnishes.


Ideal when used with orbital sanders.


General characteristics                     AHR                       SCR                   CCS                                   .

Base paper                                            C latex                    C latex                    A latex   

Bonding agent                                 Resin / Resin         Resin / Resin         Glue / Resin          

Abrasive                                            ALOX BH                     SIC                        SIC

Structure                                                Open                       Open                     Open     

Available grits                                 P.1000 - P.80           P.400 - P.80            P.400 - P.80             

Shapes                                             Sheets/Discs         Sheets /Discs        Sheets/Rolls   


All products available in discs or strips ‘’PSA’’ and ‘’Hook & Loop’’

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